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I'm going to start putting together my graphic design portfolio for college applications -- where at, not entirely sure yet, but I want to at least start putting it together. Can anyone offer any advice/opinions/any form of input on just about anything regarding this?

I'd be most obliged. ♥
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I'm sorry for all of the spam entries lately. I'll make a significant post real soon. I appreciate all of the graphics advice and the tough love comments. I'm bad at replying, but I read and took them all to heart. Thank you for putting up with my incoherent angsts. That said, I liked this idea and I haven't done something like it in awhile. I'm stealing this word for word from Amanda [tsundere].

Tell me what you honestly think of me. No sugarcoating, blah blah blah. Compliment me if you like. Leave a love ♥ confession. If I've done anything to make you angry, vent to me. Comments will be screened, so say whatever you'd like.

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For my own record mostly, I'm posting this here. It's my weight loss progress so far. It's probably not a good idea to let people know how much you weight, and is probably incredibly unlady like. But I'm not too great at being a lady anyways. So, words.

Starting weight:
11/3 -- 187.0
11/10 -- 184.0
11/24 -- 184.0
12/8 -- 178.2
12/15 -- 179.0
12/22 -- 179.8
1/5 -- 176.0
1/19 -- 177.0
1/26 -- 178.2
2/9 -- 172.8
2/29 -- 171.6
3/8 -- 170.8
3/29 -- 171.4
4/18 -- 169.2
Total lost so far: 17.8
Current weight: 169.2
Goal weight: 150 -- for my height, that seems suitable.

Slow journey is slow, but it's the result of eating good alone, so I can't complain. Working full time and going to school full time leave me no time to exercise at all. But hopefully I'll be able to reach my goal by Otakon -- if I can seriously bust my butt after this semester ends.

This year marks a whole bunch of changes. Want to take better care of myself. Want to finally chop all of my hair off. Maybe finally go and get that chemical peel once I grow enough balls to do it. So many goals to fill.
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I doubt anyone will, but meme tiem again. I swear a real update soon. January has just been a mix of crap and not as bad crap but still crap.

Comments are screened. If you've ever had a smidgen of a crush on me, feel free to comment below. I won't mock you, and only you and I will ever know. Then post it in your own LJ.


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Besides Kakashi, Kiba and Shikamaru are my two favorite characters. x) So here's some colorbars dedicated to them. I'll have a REAL lj post later.
If anyone takes, please comment so that I know what good homes these two lovelies will be adopted to.

COMMUNITY PIMPAGE: team_8. I know there are some Kiba, Shino, Hinata fans in my friends list.

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-Le sigh- Yuu Watase is too awesome to /not/ have a colorbar. (Aka, I got bored and I ♥ Watase). I hope it's okay! And for any Watase fans, comment if you take, please! :D

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